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Mariana Gomez de la Villa

Program Director Distributed Ledger Technology, ING

Blockchain Technology

"Blockchain and distributed ledger technology allow streamlining processes to the bare minimum while still being safe and compliant."

Interviewed by Sahra Möller
February 12th, 2020

Mariana has joined ING in 2015 and is currently the Distributed Ledger Technology Program Director at ING, with overall responsibility for driving research, development and implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology as well as capitalizing on its potential in order to unlock mass-scale value. She is also responsible for setting up long-term purpose and vision, including the governance of the program within ING globally.

we.CONECT: The pop in your job – you work as Product Director Distributed Ledger Technology at ING and are further responsible for setting up long-term purpose and vision at ING globally. Which tasks would you highlight as particularly interesting? What is most exciting about your role, and why are you passionate about your job?

Mariana: The most exciting part is probably starting a new project. The amount of work is always challenging, but, thanks to my role, I get to know many industry experts and I get exposed to a variety of new topics that I didn’t even know existed before. That’s what I am passionate about: there is always space for learning something new.

we.CONECT: Under your leadership, the Blockchain program has delivered over 44 proofs of concept and 8 live pilots in different business areas. What were the most important drivers of the Blockchain Program – time to market, process optimization, security, customer experience, or something completely different?

Mariana: Our mission is to enable our customers in the transition to a distributed economy. In doing so, our main drivers are process optimization, security and compliance; keeping at any time a completely customer-centric mindset.

we.CONECT: Where do you see particular success in using Blockchain technology in a large, complex organization such as ING?

Mariana: Blockchain and distributed ledger technology allow streamlining processes to the bare minimum while still being safe and compliant. We see a vast plethora of use cases within ING and many other organisations were complexity is often causing inefficiencies and waste.

we.CONECT: What are the particularities in the development of this technology, especially in regards to testing and automation?

Mariana: We are working in a completely new field where learnings are still limited. It is often by confronting with others, that we are able to gather the insights we need to tackle some issues we are facing. This, and the regulation that characterises the environment we are working in, are the biggest challenges we are facing right now with this technology.

we.CONECT: Which topics are most important for you in the context of the conference and why?

Mariana: I am interested in knowing what other players in this industry are doing and the issues they are facing. At this stage, knowledge sharing would be most beneficial for all the involved parties and would allow increasing the speed at which we innovate.

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